Posted by: pirliebraes | November 5, 2017

Some Flotta Folk in 1974

You may have noticed that, a few weeks ago, we received the following message from Alec Mulvey:

“Cast your mind back to 1974 and the original survey that was done on Flotta for the oil terminal. I was a young surveyor at the time and spent many months in all weathers looking through a theodolite. I got to know most of the then inhabitants of the island. I stayed at the manse with Rev Hutchison but frequently shared hospitality with you and Marina at the Post Office. At Easter 1974, I brought my then girlfriend Jackie (now wife of 41 years) to the island and we stayed (courtesy of Sandy Flett) at Roadside for a month.

The memories are flooding back and we have decided that we must return on a visit. Do you or anyone else reading this remember us? I will try and dig out some photos.”

**   ***   **

We assured Alec that we remember him and Jackie very well, and now he has sent us the pictures below, with his captions (names left as Alec showed them).

Construction starts

Geoff Wyndham-Jones and Ian Moore

Mac and Siddie Rosie

Bayview – Jimmy, Ruby and Davy Sutherland

Bayview – Jimmy and Ruby Sutherland

David and Marina 1

David and Marina 2

Roadside with David’s car

Donald and Mrs Sinclair 1

Donald and Mrs Sinclair 2

Hilldyke – Ronnie and Tishy

Hilldyke – Ronnie and Tishy and Jackie

Hunger-Him-Out – Danny Barnett

The Dam – Sandy Flett and Dennis

Rowland Barnett and his sister

Brunthouse – Billy and Mary Robertson and family 1

Brunthouse – Billy and Mary Robertson and family 2

Catmuirhall – Mac and Mary Robertson 1

Catmuirhall – Mac and Mary Robertson 2

Car onto Hoy Head Stromness

**   ***   **

Thanks to Alec for sharing some of his Flotta photos.  We sent him this one to let him know we remembered him:

**   ***   **




  1. Hi Andrew
    Good to know that you haven’t forgotten your childhood in Flotta. A lot of folk have very fond memories of Mac and Mary in the shop.

  2. I was born on Flotta 1974. These pictures have brought back great memories. Especially the old Hoy Head and Catmuirhall – we lived at East Catmuirhall. I remember Mac and Mary having the shop.

  3. Where do the names Hunger Him Out, Hunger Him In, Glower O’er Him come from? what do they refer to? if anyone knows….

  4. super photos !

  5. some brilliant pictures there in your last email Davie. thanks very much for posting them. Especially ones of Mac and Mary and CatmaHa 🙂

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