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2016 (Very, Very Late) Review

We thought it was far too late to put in a few reminders of what went on in 2016, but a couple of folk wanted to see it so we’re just getting it in before the end of 2017.  At this rate, who knows when the 2017 review will be published!

New Year’s Day at Lairdy














A lot of water in the Bu Parks, a common sight these days.

Accommodation rigs pass by Flotta, heading to or from their anchorage near Scapa, when not required elsewhere.


A group from the Orkney Norway Friendship Association visited again and laid on entertainment and Norwegian-themed food, always an enjoyable evening.

Amelie making Scotch eggs under Kenny’s direction

New mini-recycling centre turned up …..

….. which is more than can be said for the replacement swings that never materialised in 2016.


Anne brought along some of her card making equipment and demonstrated its use.































The decision was taken to send all the cards to Her Majesty.  Several weeks later, we received an acknowledgement from a Lady-in-Waiting.

The annual Flotta 10 k Race took place and should have been reported elsewhere.  This was Paige winning the Junior race, well ahead of the opposition.











Some pictures taken at Stanger Head


Peter made a couple of seats for the benefit of people walking around the West Hill.

Still a lot of white rabbits in the ‘apartments’ under the airstrip.

Some Flotta residents had invitations to the Battle of Jutland Centenary commemorations at Lyness on 31 May, and were amongst the first to arrive.  The service was very moving.


With time to spare in the afternoon, some folk drove around to Longhope where they met Hector, the Longhope Lifeboat mascot







He was guarding old and new Longhope lifeboats, as well as the Stromness and Thurso ones.





There was a lot of marine activity during the Jutland events.

One Sunday it was calm and warm enough to have our Kirk service outside.

Two of the Navy patrol boats visited Flotta on the Saturday following the Jutland event, and residents had the opportunity to see inside the vessels.


The original plan was that one crew would remain on board to show visitors around, whilst the other had an island tour.  However, one vessel didn’t turn up until the afternoon, by which time there was some concern about water depth at Gibraltar Pier and so it was only the trainees on board who were allowed to go on tour.


Trying out his skills on an old bosun’s whistle.


Kenny went off to Scapa to do a one-day Marine Mammal Medic training session.


The Flotta Kirk received a sizeable legacy from Margaret Gorn (Peggy o’ the Bu), and the plan is to get the windows replaced.








Birds hatched in the rhubarb patch


The Flotta Kirk is linked with Orphir & Stenness and Hoy & Walls and it was decided that there should be a joint service once a year.  The first one took place in Flotta, and Malcolm Clark was christened on that day.

Malcolm was born prematurely and spent the first weeks of his life in the Special Nursery in Aberdeen and so there was a collection taken in aid of the Friends of the Special Nursery.

Lunch was served in the Community Centre


Dina’s last visit to Flotta, with Dianne and Duncan.  Dina passed away in December 2016.

Kenny about to demolish the chimney on the ‘Silent Cabin’ at Peerie Lurdy.


William & David Sutherland visited Flotta to donate a medal to the Heritage Centre.

James & Chistine Miller also visited (and provided Sunday lunch!)

The Terminal and OIC Marine Services held a joint pollution exercise.


Kenny showing how big his trees have grown.


Pointing the roof at Peerie Lurdy.

Kenny takes a break and goes on a fishing trip, dropping Phyllis off on Switha.

Indignant at being disturbed on Switha

Heading back around Stanger Head

Great to see Jo Goodenough return to Flotta for a week’s holiday …

… and of course Kenny had to take her fishing.


Margaret Clouston visited and donated dishes from the French barque Anita to the Heritage Centre (more about the Anita in a future blog).

Margaret, and two Welsh friends, holding a pair of stilts and reminiscing about her childhood in Flotta.


Kenneth and Derry trying out the go-kart …

… and now it’s Amelie’s turn.


Winter sunrise

Kenny, Martin Howe and Peter getting the tree up

The Christmas tree was lit by Cordelia & Robert Derrick, pictured with their parents, Fran & Dave, sister Alice, and brothers Arthur & Benjamin.

Back then to the Community Centre for carol singing, mulled wine, mince pies, soup, sausage rolls, tea and home-bakes.


This young seal appeared to be on walkabout but the MM Medic wasn’t required.

Magnus tests the go-kart …

… followed by Martin.


That’s some of what happened in 2016, in pictures.  Another couple of things:

We were shocked to lose Dennis Davidson in the last weeks of 2016.

Paul Murton and his BBC Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands team visited Flotta and interviewed DFS in the shop.  This was the only contact they had with locals, other than Isobel, who prepared and served an evening meal for them at the Community Centre.

Most of you will probably know the reason the end of 2016 was a chaotic time for the family was because DFS fell and broke his hip in early December.  He followed up on this in April by falling again and breaking the other hip!






  1. great job getting the review out, we once found a batch of christmas cards at easter so wrote a note behind the envelope and sent them ( well there was lots of interesting stuff inside). Happy 2018 pirliebraes

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