Flotta 10 k Race and Fun Run

The 2018 Flotta 10 k race/fun run will take place on Sunday 20 May (notice attached).

The Orkney Athletic Club has decided that there should be an entry fee for the 10 k participants, to bring the Flotta 10 k in line with other 10 k events, and also online registration (see the Club website – http://www.orkneyathleticclub.co.uk).  Flotta and Hoy/Walls residents will not have to pay an entry fee.

The 5 k race for 11-14 year olds and the fun run, that is open to all ages, will not have an entry fee.

Please note that the departure time of the Repsol Sinopec launch from Houton has been changed to 09:45 in order to allow time for anyone who cannot get a seat on that to catch the 09:55 Hoy Head.

As usual, we will be hoping for a good turnout and a fun day!

Notice for 2018 10 k





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